A bit about me.

I code, think about Earth, watch movies, & take pictures.

I'm an Asian American raised in New York. I love learning and applying my skills to build useful tools, all the while living sustainably.

Data Science @ Univ. of Michigan

I'll be graduating April 2020! I'm currently looking for fulltime software engineering opportunities. Last summer I was a SWE at NY Mortgage Trust where I created internal tools to analyze data quicker and automate data collection.

I'm interested in full stack engineering because I love to feel accomplished after building a scalable, powerful app. Recently I've been trying to build an app from scratch but it's still a work in progress...

Saving the Earth!!

Ever since I took Environmental Justice (BIO 101), I realized how much danger climate change is and will be causing. I'm always trying to live more sustainably. Right now I'm trying out a pescatarian (seafood) diet and developing a plastic free grocery routine.

Although it's true that big companies like Nestle contribute magnitudes more to climate change than the average person, we still have powerful purchasing power!

My Most Enjoyable Movies!


The Big Sick

Crazy, Stupid, Love


La La Land

The Big Sick

Set it Up

Ex Machina

The Farewell

The Nice Guys



This is the End